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The History of Work

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by Susan Faber, Juliet Fellick & Jean Sprenkel

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The Timeline of Work

by Susan Faber, Juliet Fellick & Jean Sprenkel

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Advent on Purple Fabric

1.Advent Altar Fall.jpg

Completed November 2018:

These were completed in six weeks. The colours chosen were pink, purple and silver, and for the second time, silver kid leather with couched silver rope was used and back to the original theme of “Creation, The Cross and The Holy Spirit”. The background fabric is from an old Altar Cloth (in the same fabric) which was unpicked and had to have candlewax removed. This was on display for the first time for the launch of “Messy Church”.


Pentecost on Red Fabric

2.Pentecost Altar Fall.jpg

Completed May 2018

Taking just two months to complete; this marathon job has many different pieces of fabric throughout each Fall. The work involved a high volume of machine embroidery with hundreds of beads sewn into the fabric. The two gold Phoenixes, rising out of the flames, were left un-beaded to help them stand out from the background.

Trinity on Cream Fabric

9.Trinity Sunday AltarFall.jpg

Completed June 2019

St John’s design. This pair will be used on many occasions when a simple Gold Cross is required, such as Candlemas, Christ the King, and Weddings. Various gold fabrics were used with a padded Gold Cross and very large jewel beads.  This Fall is currently on the Altar and Pulpit for the first time for Trinity Sunday. One further pair on a green fabric will be ready for the Trinity Season next year.

Lent on Purple Fabric

4.Lent Altar Fall.jpg

Completed March 2019

Taking just over two months to finish, this design depicts the Christogram of the Greek letters of Jesus Christ. More sombre colours of black and silver were chosen for the season of Lent. Lining up the dots correctly was always going to be a challenge and the Fall had to be unpicked a couple of times.

Easter on Cream Fabric

5.Easter Altar Fall.jpg

Completed April 2018

Ten weeks of work. These compliment the bright blue of the round window above the Altar and the diamond patterns of the windows in the Jesus Chapel. The Gold Celtic Cross was padded and placed on the blue background, edged with three layers of gold string beads and finally machine embroidered with silver thread.

Christmas on Cream Fabric

6.Christmas Altar Fall.jpg

Completed December 2017

Susan’s design was based on a Christmas card which she had painted a few years ago called “Star of Wonder.” Gold, green and red was chosen for this Fall and Juliet used machine embroidery with metallic threads. Jean then beaded and couched the gold rope, echoing these colours. This fall took 12 weeks to produce.

Remembrance on Green Fabric

8.Remembrance Sunday.jpg

Completed November 2018

These took three months to complete. Incorporated is the Memorial from the War Graves Cemetery situated in the Churchyard. You can see this positioned behind the poppies on each Fall.

Epiphany on Cream Fabric

3.Ephiphany Altar Fall.jpg

Completed January 2018

These are based on Gail Lowther’s design of the Three Kings. The Pulpit Fall had already been completed by Juliet and was presented to the Church for Christmas 2016. The design then had to be extended for the Altar Fall. Velvet was included in the fabrics with silver and gold binding.

Harvest on Green Fabric

7.Harvest Altar Fall.jpg

Completed October 2017

These were the first pair and took almost six months to complete, having to stabilise the main Omega Fabric to match the main Altar Throw. As it was the first attempt for this type of sewing, the process was naturally slow. The design has many different layers incorporating cord and copper and gold kid leather, couched with matching coiled rope.


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