About us

Excel My Business is a small UK company providing consultancy and PC tools using any data, raw or otherwise. We specialise in Retail, Hospitality, DIY & Pharmacy and have experience in many other areas.


Excel My Business owner Hans comes from a Retail Operations background, starting at 'grass roots level' and progressing to senior positions in Food Retail, Finance, Logistics, Pharmacy, Hospitality and DIY. Hans's experience has shown that many businesses produce mountains of data and numerous complicated spreadsheets, many designed by Management Accountants and Finance Departments who may have a limited understanding of their colleagues within Operations. Their expectation is that all users, (whatever their experience level) are able to use, digest and understand the information. Our point of difference is that our products do not look or feel like spreadsheets. Over the years Hans has been able to simplify many processes and design & built smart, innovative and easy to use tools, using information and data used by businesses. Excel My Business products & tools save time and money, helping you to 'Focus on what matters to you'.

Why we offer this service? 

Have you ever heard anyone say?

  • "This is ridiculous, I can't understand this, it's far too complicated!"

  • "I don't know anything about 'computers' they just confuse me!"

  • "Just tell me what I need to know, don't bombard me with loads of information."

  • "I can't read that; the text is far too small."

  • "I'm expected to use this, but it takes too long to load up and once it does... it just crashes on me!"

  • "It prints on loads of pages, think of the environment!"

           .... and more besides.

Excel My Business cuts through all the 'noise'. We design and produce PC tools that really work for you and your colleagues at a fraction of the cost of larger providers, which your teams will enjoy using day in day out. 

Many businesses use 'Off the shelf' tools, but these rarely provide everything businesses need ongoing, due to the diversity and pace of their operation. These can be expensive to re-design and re-develop as things change. Excel My Business provides a simple Add-on solution which works alongside your existing setup, saving you both time and money (or build a brand-new tool in total for you).

Who's my contact, and what will it cost? 

You will engage with one developer only, who is committed to providing first class service and support. Excel My Business understands what VALUE really means and is flexible with its pricing structure to meet your needs. Our prices start from only £99. Please contact us for more information.

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